It’s Science: I’m More Evolved Than You

A team of Asians researchers has decided that laziness is an innate human characteristic, believed to be evolutionarily developed for the conservation of energy.  So,  by that logic, I’m some kind of superhuman wunderkind.

Christopher K. Hsee, Adelle X. Yang, and Liangyan Wang claim to have uncovered an interesting paradox: humans are happier when they’re busy, but we’re inclined towards idleness. The team ran a series of experiments with college students and found that students were inclined towards idleness, but would seize even superficial opportunities to be busy.

– Freakonomics Blog

Well this is just my life in a nutshell.  If blogging isn’t the epitome of a superficial opportunity to convince myself I’m “busy,” then I don’t know what is.  It’s probably the only reason I’m alive right now and not laying on the subway tracks like this crazy bitch.

Read the summary at BPS Research Digest Blog if you’re interested in the study.  There’s chocolate involved!


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