What Did You Think Was Going to Happen? Very Unpopular Dude Gets Heckled out of Jacobs Field for Dressing like a Very Unpopular Dude

Yea, probably not going to win you any high-fivin’ buddies at the stadium.   This is just so beyond faux pas it’s amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think LeBron owes anything to anyone and I’m pumped as shit for the upcoming NBA season.  But I’ll be damned if you’re going to see me walking into Cleveland rocking my Heat colors!  I mean it’s like pretty much like wearing a Hitler costume to synagogue on a High Holiday.  Dude walked straight into the lion’s den.  I guess that means I gotta give him some respect for having the cojones, but boy are you looking for trouble.

Everyone in Cleveland is bound by one commonality and that is the utter misery that is their life, in professional sports and basically everything else.  They’ve got to be just chomping at the bit for someone to take it out on.  I wouldn’t be surprised if their 7th inning stretch plans had involved a life-sized LeBron-shaped piñata full of hot dogs, and here this motherfucker comes into the haterade capital, dressed like the least popular guy in the middle third of the country.  Dude probably got pelted pelted with eggs on the damn street, I can’t imagine he would think it would be safe to surround himself with 50,000 drunk Indians fans once he made it into the stadium.  Congratulations on making it out of there alive. Good thing it wasn’t souvenir-bat night!

In the end, though all we got was another instance of Cleveland failing at something else.  You had a guy right where you wanted him, just begging to be torn to pieces , and you actually let him get away!  This would have never flown in Philadelphia.  And how about instead of tossing him, those worthless police do their job and protect his innocent, tax-payin’ ass if the fans do decide to get fired up and this thing turns ugly? At the very least give him one of those riot shields and some rubber bullets then watch him fight his way out.

nyc.barstoolsports.com << youtube


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