Crazy-accurate Lego Stop-Motion Starcraft Homage Must Have Taken For-ev-er

As a wannabe artist myself, I find myself facing yet another daunting example of how I simply do not have the patience to create anything impressive.  Clocking in at 4.5 minutes, this video, which recreates a short Starcraft match, probably took around 7000 images and 3 or 4 weeks to complete.  Any project of mine that takes more than a couple of days usually ends up an unfinished paperweight.  When people come over I have to be like, “Yea, this is a little something I made for father’s day when I was 4.  Cute, right?”  In reality, it was something I was really excited about doing last month. But when I found out there was going to be actual work involved, that exuberance quickly turned into roaring declaration of “FUNK DAT!”

Anywho, kudos to this guy. << youtube


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