Time to Buy a new Computer – Starcraft II ads All Over TV

Who’s ready for some 2 v 2 bgh n00bs only no rush!1@!@!@!!@!? Bring that shit on cuz you know I’m rushing you hardcore and your teammate over there? Yea, he’s my buddy and he’s on the phone with me right now.  On the secondary line so we don’t interrupt the dial up.  We got this shit down to a science!

If you1. don’t identify with any of the above nostalgia and 2. have been wondering why I’m building a FleshLight kiosk outside my local GameStop, it’s because Starcraft II is FINALLY launching tomorrow.  10 years after the release of the original Blizzard hit (aren’t they all hits?), we found out that a sequel was in the works. Then, after 2 years of “It’ll be ready when it’s GODDAMN GOOD AND READY!! *click*” that day is finally upon us. Check out the 2 minute extended trailer:

Now change your shorts, grab some red bull, and get in line for the midnight launch. These FleshLights aren’t going to buy themselves!


2 Responses

  1. Are you actually excited or are you just excited because you feel like it’s a big deal and there’s no other games to be excited about for another few months? I played the first one, it was good, but never really got the appeal. I also suck at RTS games.

    • you know im a sucker for big-deal-appeal. i liked the first one a lot and played a lot, but like you, i still sucked. hence the fact that the only way i could win was hosting “2v2 noobs only, no rush” and then having a mole on the other team who would proceed to build sunken colonies all over his shit. the big reveal was always hilarious.

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