WoW Players: Forget the FleshLight, Invest Your Gold in Real Touch

With all this FleshLight talk, I was reminded of the RealTouch.  I gotta say this thing seems pretty awesome.  HELLO, YOU CAN KEEP PLAYING WoW WITH BOTH HANDS!!  I wonder if it can be synced to your character so the sucking increases as you gain XP??!!

Anyway, I went ahead and dug up this Fleshbot article from last year, with an in-depth review of the Real Touch so you can start feeding the piggy (they’re $150).

The Real Touch is like a Fleshlight that moves on its own, pre-synced with the porn you’re currently watching on your computer. It’s one step closer to simulating having sex with the girl on the screen, but should you buy?

That answer is unclear. Fleshbot tests it out and says that although it has its downsides—PC-only, lots of setup and cleanup, plus it’s super expensive—the actual sensation (or sensations, for different orifices) is fantastic. – Gizmodo

Fleshbot Review via Gizmodo


2 Responses

  1. This may be the wierdest blog ever

  2. my mom always said, “don’t knock it til your dick gets mutilated in it.”

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