This Season, It Just Might Be All About the []_[]

Despite all the Miami Heat talk going around recently, few sports fans down south have forgotten where their priorities lie: football. Namely, college football as the Dolphins seem to be eternally ping-ponging between mediocrity and irrelevance. The University of Miami Hurricanes are looking better and better as the summer progresses, after securing on of the nation’s top recruits in 6’8″ 300-pound OT Seantrel Henderson. Henderson famously signed a letter of intent with USC, but backed out and went with Miami after Southern Cal came under fire for NCAA recruiting sanctions.

Miami has the talent, they have the depth; whether that will translate into on field success is yet to be determined. One thing is for sure this team might not be a year away as many pundits have proclaimed. If you ask any Hurricane player they will tell you that they’re poised to make a run for the championship this season. – “Hurricane’s A-Brewin: Why Miami will Play for a National Title This Year.”

The big difference maker here will most likely be QB Jacory Harris, who shows more promise each year but never quite convinces us that he’s the superstar we all want him to be.  But with the right pieces around him, we’ve seen that UM quarterbacks don’t even need to be superstars to get the job done.  Hell, they can even be Ken Dorsey, who, after a few seasons at third string for the Browns (YES, those Browns) has signed with the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts to compete against former-Dolphin Cleo Lemon in a 5 way race for the starting job. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

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2 Responses

  1. Wait there is sports fans in Miami?

    • yyyyeaa, when the weather is fair, as they say. only loyalty is for the canes.

      what are you still doing at work?

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