Economics Lesson of the Day: Complements

Ham, cheese. Burgers, buns. Some things are just made to be used together.

Hit the jump for the big reveal on what people who actually pull the trigger on a FleshLight (we’ve all thought about it) also check out with.

Like every other blog on the planet, I’d just like to say: BWAAAAHAHAHA!! That’s what we keep these stats for, folks. Connecting hilarious dots like that.  Also got the bottle of lube in there for shoving remote controls up your ass when mom cancels the account. By the way, that kid was on a solid epsiode of Tosh.0 last night, admitting that the video was fake. Check it here.



2 Responses

  1. Who are you kiddin’ cracka, I know your white ass be sticking yo dick in dat flashlight!

  2. […] we saw the World of Warcraft + Fleshlight combo pack of dreams tears this summer. Recently, Amazon reported a similar relationship  between […]

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