That’s Gotta Sting: Here is Your 2010 WSOP Bubble Boy

So every poker n00b assumes that the worst thing that could happen to you is to get be the first guy knocked out of a tourney.  Truth is, that’s really not a big deal unless it happens in like 3 hands or less (done it!).  So what about the guy that gets clipped on the bubble of the WSOP Main Event, the biggest and most public yearly tournament event. BY FAR, the emotional low of your card-playing career.

Obviously it’s not as simple as just tightening up while waiting for someone else, anybody else, to bust before you do…or is it?  The fear of being the last guy left out of the money is enough to make anyone clinch their cheeks and just try to stave off the bubble one hand at a time. But others with more wiggle room will pick up on that sentiment and pounce on the opportunity to bully the shorties, leaving them with even more firing power once the tension is broken and “normal” play resumes. So…wat do? I suppose the only reasonable answer is to “just play.” Unfortunately that didn’t work out for 2010 Bubble Boy, Mr. Tim McDonald.  Them’s the breaks.

He busted with QQ vs. A2 s, although I can’t find out if it was pre-flop or not.

American Tim McDonald managed to beat a staggering 6,571 players but today got knocked out 748th – the last unpaid place – of the World Series of Poker Main Event 2010.

As a result, McDonald walked away with nothing. If he had hung on another minute or so, he would have won a minimum of $19,263.

Worst of all, as Mcdonald’s world crashed around him the remaining 747 players all stood up, cheered and hugged each other at the realisation that they would all be going home at least $10,000 richer.

A shattered McDonald said afterwards: “I felt like I could sit there and go ahead and grind out a check, but I was trying to play good poker no matter short-stacked or otherwise.”

HAHA, LOVE the part about everybody else in the room cheering and hugging each other and toasting champagne and shit.  Sucks.  The good news is that bubble boys don’t go home totally empty-handed. 2006’s Hoa Nguyen won a year’s supply of Milwaukee’s Beast and a spot in the next year’s Main Event – where he DID win $286k.  Pretty good investment if you ask me.

For those who are interested, Johnny Chan is still alive and kicking, the chip leader is LV local Tony Dunst, and 2009 Bubbler Kia Hamadani smells cash after his own year of heartbreak. via


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