Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman Will Make You High

morgan freeman haz cotton candy

Up late, and just caught this show on the Science Channel.  Lemme just say that I don’t have any weed at home, nor have I been smoking recently, but goddamn am I jonesing for a toke right now.  First of all you’ve got the new Voice of God in Morgan Freeman (respect to Bob Sheppard), and not just covering penguins being cold [spoiler alert] cold penguins are cold[/spoiler].  Here you’ve got him narrating a debate on the existence of God between a beachbum surfer in Hawaii who’s poking holes in philosophical models and a physicist who is speculating that since matter can be split into “pixels” millions of times smaller than atoms and we continue to develop our computers’ abilities replicate human behavior, it’s entirely possible that our “world” is being played out on the PS12 (which btw I heard from my cousin they have in Japan) of some god who’s just an evolved form of us.  They even threw a little interview with Will Wright in there.

I only caught the end of that episode but the next one is on black holes and your boy Pavlov is just killing me right now.  Just the fact that I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop speculating about the cosmos is giving me the munchies (and Loooord knows I don’t need that).  Anyway, as a wannabe astrophysicist, I have to say, “I am excite.”

The show is on the Science Channel at 10 pm on Wednesdays, set your DVRs to “stoned.” Official site:


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  1. you can say that morgan freeman is one of the most versatile actors that we have today “”

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