David Stern to Mark Cuban: The Feminine Napkins are Located in the Ladies Room

After Mark Cuban raised a stink alleging collusion at an owners’ meeting in Vegas, the commish decided it was time to get on the mike and let everyone know what’s up.

In the face of mounting reports of collusion, NBA commissioner David Stern said LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh violated no league rules in discussing free agency among themselves and that the league isn’t investigating how the Miami Heat managed to land all three.

“Players are going to talk, they’re going to do that,” Stern said from an owners meeting in Las Vegas. “But the club did nothing wrong as far as we know. No formal complaints were levied at our Board of Governors meeting.” thestatesman.com

Look it’s fine for Mark Cuban (and other owners) to whine – they are in a pretty bad way here.  And what organization doesn’t benefit from checks and balances?  We all love your exuberance and the fact that you’re 10000% down for your team.  I mean I’d like to play for you.  But I’d be lying if I said it’s not great to hear the commish say, “Yyyyeaaaaa you can shuddup now.”

SIDENOTE – I obviously hate it every time Jesse Jackson opens his stupid mouth, but he actually has something here with this whole “NBA owners think of players like slaves” thing.  Not in a social-issue kind of way of course because that would be giving him wayyyyyy too much justification, but in an “everybody take a step back and think before you talk” kind of way.  It is completely absurd and a little insulting for Mark Cuban to assert that players shouldn’t be allowed to discuss their plans with each other, as though they’re going to break free and hop on the underground railroad if you don’t keep them shackled in the barn.

Lastly my boy Zaslow of Sportstalk 790 the Ticket down in South FL aptly points out how blatantly one-sided the player-owner relationship is by citing Dan Gilbert’s trade of Big Z’s contract to the Wizards earlier this year.  Here’s a guy who was with the Cavs B.L. (before LeBron), when they were completely irrelevant.  Devoted, hard-working, blue-collar, LOYAL Cleveland Cavalier.  Then, BAM traded away without a second thought like your run-of-the-mill eight-ball slammer (that’s right, a POGs reference!).  Then Gilbert turns around and questions LeBron’s loyalty? Wake up, bro – the only real loyalty in sports is in the fans, which is why they’ll always be the ones with the broken hearts.


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