AAPL Shares Sliding on Speculation of Recall

AAPL is now down nearly 3% on a day when the DOW is up over 1%…not something you have seen lately. In fact, it seems like over the last month, the exact opposite has been true quite a few times.  Seems like the market is baking in some speculation that Jobs’s antenna problems could lead to a wide-scale recall of iPhone 4 hot off the heels of Consumer Reports’ big thumbs down.

I don’t see this ending any other way but giving out free bumpers, mostly because iPhone users are clamoring for it, essentially giving El Jobso a cheap escape hatch from this debacle.  Apple obviously doesn’t want to have to deal with a recall, but in an ironic twist of fanboy-consumerism neither do the users.  Maybe it’s because the phone is so ridiculously fragile to begin with (uhh, it’s made of glass) that 99% of users plan to purchase some kind of case anyway, which has been reported to mitigate the issue.  So they want free bumpers.  Problem solved, on the cheap.

Or they could go the MSFT direction and just scrap the whole product line. LOW BLOW!


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  1. I’m ditching my iPhone 4 and getting a blackberry.

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