I Wonder if LeBron Can See This From Cleveland

Two basketball-themed murals, spaced 121 blocks apart, came to life Wednesday afternoon, turning Manhattan into a bright canvas of free-agent dreams and taut rivalries. As the Nets and the Knicks prepared to woo James near his northeast Ohio home, painters were completing a mural with his likeness on the surface of the Rucker Park basketball court. He is wearing a Knicks jersey. Nearby are the words: “Harlem loves you LeBron.”

So the world continued its “Suck Lebron’s D-athon” today, the first official day of Free Agency. This totally impressive mural is painted on the side of a midtown building, and it never ceases to amaze me how they make this stuff. It’s literally all over town. There was one of an old guy that looked like Mr. Leeky from Bio-Dome right by my apartment advertising his deli. Some say that’s not quite as “hip” as having a 20-story “Jay-Z,” but I guess I don’t understand the youth these days.

The Mural looks even more impressive when you compare it with the “likeness” of LeBron that was painted on the court at Rucker Park, which could literally be any black dude.

Anyway, it’s all a waste of time, since EVERYONE knows that the Pat Riley is gonna score Wade, LeBron, and Bosh for the Heat, and then use the remaining $12,000 of cap space to have a nice quiet night out at Mansion or something.  Maybe throw a couple bucks at some art students so they can paint faces on 2 garbage cans to put out on the court with those guys. Think how much they’ll save for next year when they only have to buy 4 championship rings!

nyc.barstoolsports.com << New York Times


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