Apple Wants YOU to Design a new Antenna

So by now you know there’s been at least 1 class action suit raised against Apple for the problems with iPhone 4’s antenna. Now, even though THERE’S NO DESIGN FLAW AND YOU’RE JUST HOLDING IT WRONG, El Jobso is looking for some fresh blood to draw up some new designs. engadget

Time-out. The really suspcious thing is that iPhone 4’s launch coincided with the release of Apple’s own first-party cases. Seems a little desperate…I mean, do they really need the $24.99 that badly? They even went and made the entire phone out of glass to get you to buy these things. And somehow it’s working. A $500 PHONE MADE OUT OF GLASS, people! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

Check out my personal case design under the cut, which not only 1. solves the antenna issue and 2. is completely unbreakable but also 3. makes you the baddest motherfucker at Bayside High. Time-in!

See what I did there?


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