I must say that im a big fan of the low-cut jeans. on girls. They look great but lets not pretend there isnt any down side. im talking butt crack here people. Theres nothing i enjoy less than seeing a girl’s butt crack- and heres the weird part: it doesnt matter if its the hottest girl cuz she, too, as a gross butt crack. i think i may know why that is: Mischa Barton’s butt crack would look the same as Michael Vitiello’s butt crack (well maybe that wasnt the perfect example but you get what i mean). i dont need to be walking through the dining hall and have my meal corrupted by some nasty ass cracks…sorry to the fat girls, skinny girls, ugly girls and hot girls alike. Its naaasty. Now if i could somehow see the bottom half of the girl’s ass, like in those “boys'” underwear panties, then id be in business.


p.s. the only crack i could ever like would be Jack Bauer’s

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