so as is generally the case, your coachiness is being anally raped by the parents have told me that my passport still hasnt arrived at the house, without it i will be unable to go to paris with my family over christmas..but that might be a moot point nyway, since i would be unable to fly to miami from boston without my id, which was left at a club last saturday..and why havent i gotten it back yet, you ask? because i cant get any of the fucking meatheads that work at their shitty little “we close at 2am” club to tell me they have it.

at the same time, tufts decided to do away with the reading period this year. or at least, shorten it to a friday – tuesday affair. wicked awesome. especially since my finals are distributed nicely – 2 on wednesday, 2 on thursday.

bitterly yours,


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