this is a follow up post from the SND one a week ago. seems my friend freefree thought he could outsmart the gods of SND…he was wrong:

Adam0791 (12:37:36 AM): thought i was the smartest guy in the world, turned out i was completely wrong. went to bed last night (sunday) at 10 pm and got out of bed today at 1 pm. woke up and thought i was the king of the world cause i had defeated sunday night depression

Adam0791 (12:38:34 AM): well guess who is completely depressed right now, has tears in his eyes. has chelsea coming over at 2 am and is drinking alone at the computer taking shots because shes disgusting.

Adam0791 (12:38:54 AM): i just turned sunday night depression into monday night depression. there is no avoiding it or sleeping through it, it just gets postponed



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