so here’s a post about the cans and cants about saying “i love you” between male friends. obviously, we here at coachandbroach are not homophobic, but we all must be careful when exchanging this sweet phrase amongst friends. whenever saying i love you to your male friends, you MUST add a comma followed by a “man” or “bro” or “dawg.” for example: “i love you, bro (with a pat on the back).” whats not ok is simply “i love you.” for some reason, theres just a sweetly subtle GAY undertone to it. i dont know why or how this phenomenon came to be but try saying just “i love you,” when you go give your friend a big appreciative hug and see what his reaction is. WARNING: coach and broach do not take any responsibility for said reaction.

amendment: NEVER use the person’s name as in, “i love you, larry” and ESPECIALLY NEVER, “larry, i love you”

also NEVER let a male dolphin attempt anal sex with you, we can’t stress that enough, people.



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