before i start this post i want to say that im pretty computer-notsavvy or however you wanna put it. either way, im always impressed with the blatantly bullshit terms and lines that are used in movies and tv in scenes with computers. just a couple examples: in jurassic park where theyre all in that room and they need to re-lock the gates or something and the girl looks at the computer and briskly announces “its a unix system.” the screen then shows something like 4 boxes. nice try. or how about in one of the new marines or army commercials where theres a cop in a police car driving around and they pull over and yell to some kid to come over. cop says “it crashed again” and the kid rolls his eyes and responds “reboot with F8 in safe mode.” we are then clearly persuaded to join the marines. i dont know what im trying to get at exactly but i guess its just a little more effort from the directors of these things would go a long way.



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