so my nocturnalism has officially gotten out of control. i mean its this utter insanity that leaves me with little left to do besides contemplate my own freakish sleeping habits. i’ve been going to bed no earlier than this every night. i’m not doing anything at all, besides watching conan repeats, but i have class from 1030 – 245 and a test to study for. and i would be staying up just as late without conan, which is weird considering the ferocity with which i hit the sack midday. to be so tired all the time, and then to be stricken with such a starkly opposite aversion to sleepery when the sun goes down is characteristic of nothing but a sick, sick man. isn’t it obvious, self? you sleep to avoid the responsibilities of daytime, ie, going to class and doing work. at night there’s no one is expecting me to be that productive at 430, and neither am i. we expect me to be dead asleep, not producing shit, in fact.

does this mean anything? no.
am i reading about game theory? of course not.
am i gonna feel good in econometrics tomorrow at 1030? maybe after a few red bulls.
should anybody give a rat’s ass? no.

i guess thinking about how crazy you are is the just the kinda thing a guy who isn’t doing shit else at 430am starts to do.



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