so the other day i watched jones attempt to enjoy an orange (maybe a clementine), but give up abruptly after the peeling process was cut short and he was lift with nothing but a nickel-sized piece of orange zest under his thumbnail and i got to long as we’ve got a magic hat from which to pull watermelons without seeds, why not start growing oranges with some kind of string under the peel to provide for easy removal? think about it like the red wax bonbel cheese wheels..who among us doesnt take one last look at the red wax before tossing it, and then one last look at the cheese, just to acknowledge how there will never be a better system for packaging and peeling? its a thing of beauty



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  1. Wow, what do you want next, mechanical stairs that will take you to another floor? Or maybe some type of device to change the channel of the television without getting up from your seat? God, people are just LAZY. This is comparable to the instant replay in sports(well some of them). Sure we have the technology to do so, but doesn’t it take away from the authentication of the game? No more close umpire calls that could’ve gone either way to make the game exciting? I think I can deal without it, but thanks for your concern.-Yours truly

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