since you asked, ill be happy to tell you a part of society that annoys me, though im sure some of you pussies may disagree. i find it particularly annoying and unnecessary when people say “god bless you” after a sneeze. who the fuck are you to tell god to bless me and more importantly i dont think i need “god’s blessing” after just a pussy sneeze. maybe the next time i get punched in the face you can say it. im much less annoyed by the spanish retort of “salud” (to health). but i think that most people today only use it out of the attempt to avoid akwardness. i wont lie, if its just me and one person in a room, im most likely gonna say it. does that make me a hipocrit? maybe. but we as a society have built so much expectation upon that useless retort that there’s an exteme akwardness if its not stated. even worse, today i sneezed and some dude next to me drops the full “god bless you.” i roll my eyes and give a half hearted thanks. one might think that this would end the interaction but NO. he continued this all ready drawn conversation with a “your welcome.” i dont think i need to say much more, so lets make an attempt to stop this stupidness and either say “salud” or just shut the fuck up.



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