so we all know that the jones is known for his crazzy (yes crazzy) dreams. so last night was dabbled on both ends of the spectrum- one amazing and one the worst one of all time. lets start with the beans. so im in the middle of driving somewhere in a car…all of a sudden i hear a crackling sound (in real life, in my room)… as im in on the brink of waking up i feel this huge spider thing crash on my face. i go from sleeping to ready to fight a rabid dog in one sec. apparently, the christmas lights (the blue icicle kind) that have been hanging over my bed crashed right on my face creating the scariest wake up ive ever excperienced.

the better dream was that i was performing on stage with incubus at this concert with only famous people. so all of a sudden all these random famous people from the crowd started coming onstage- most notably flava flav. so after we rock the house we decided to head to a party- me, lohan, jon stamos and rebecca romane ( however you spell that shit) so after we get to the party everyone gets out and i had been hitting on rebecca while jon was in the front seat. jon stamos notices and pulls her out, i respond with but “uncle jesse, we were just talking.” immediately i realized this was a mistake. i saw his face get red and he pulled me out of the car to fight. at this point i did that “u know your gonna die so wake up tactic” and woke up. so that was that- pretty good i think.


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