so a couple nights ago i really had one of the weirder dreams of my life. So me and the band were in this Krispy Kreme store- it was like a wal mart that specialized in make your own krispy kreme. So for some reason i was making a doughnut sandwich: sub roll, two donuts, salami and mustard. yumm. it was kinda big and i was struggling to get it closed when coach came over to offer assistance. He proceeded to let me know that the secret to keeping a sandwich tight is oil and vineger. and it stuck…clearly. so i then approached the cash register and the lady at the register asked me if i wanted to join the “Duncan Heinz Donut club”. i said no thanks. “but its free and you can get coupons for free dontus.” i told her no thanks and she responded with “i said it was FREE, arent you jewish?” so i was like what the fuck lady, lemme see your manager. after arguing with the manager about his anti-semitic employee he went to the storage room and came back. as reparations for having to deal with this antisemitism he brought me three notebooks, a tennis racket, and two smaller racquet ball rackets. OBVIOUSLY i gracioulsy accpeted his offering. i guess alls fair in love and donuts and kikels and tennis rackets.

-stupid broach


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