today at lunch we encountered an interesting character who asked if he could sit with us, as we were getting ready to leave dewick. i didn’t think much of it, and rather than shatter his hopes and dreams i figured, sure sit down. his name was bob and he was from indiana. bob was travelling around different colleges trying to sell his book, “confessions,” which must have seemed like a good title at the time (either that or “my way”). essentially its bob’s journal. he explained that it is a search for reasoning behind the collegiate alcohol and kissing culture or something and pointed out that “you can celebrate alcohol and that’s fine, but i’m looking to go straight to the kissing.” im not really sure what that means but i found it hard to believe that bob had landed many chicks in his day. to truly understand why any person might actually be interested in reading bob’s journal, they have to experience his personality, which is best described as dr. ewen on speed (maybe with a touch of first mate in there). the guy was so damn excitable i thought he might combust when leon and matt each bought a copy of “confessions” just to bring us to a point where we could stand up and leave the table.



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