Twas the night before the playoffs and all through the town,

All the Yankee fans were dancin around like a bunch of coked up clowns.

The assholes in pinstripes were gearing up for the playoff run,

but when those bitches get swept, now THAT will be FUN.

Kevin Brown punches walls, and Shefield his wife,

Where’s Karim Garcia you ask? He’s doing 25 to life.

Now onto A-Rod, he’s the best there is right?

Too bad he’s a punk who got bitched in a fight.

If Mariano comes in in the ninth a comeback is hard,

Unless your the Red Sox and you just take him ‘Yad.

I can’t forget Moose, Jorge and Torre,

Hideki Matsui what the fuck is your story?

let’s all make some noise…


from the eric cuz



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