Jones’ coaching update NUMBER 2

so i said that i wanted to get an average og one technical every two games. well today, although it wasnt me, it was another mandler. so weve just gone on a 9-0 run to come within two points of the numb 1 team. we’ve been getting fucked on bs calls all game and ive already been warned for yelling at the ref. so theres another horrible call and im about to flip out when i hear my little brother eli yell “thats the worst call ever.” the assfuck ref walks up to him and says “you wanna see a worse call?” and slaps him with a technical. eli proceeds to go up to him and scream “FUCK YOU” in his face. clearly he was then ejected and suspended for one game. that a go little bro. even though they ended uip getting 6 free throws and thus going up 8 and taking us out of the game- i still gotta respect the little guy


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