Golapagos (2:58:42 AM): we can officially be in our new rooms

iVeRs17872 (2:58:46 AM): yup

Golapagos (2:58:47 AM): and they’ll really be our rooms

iVeRs17872 (2:58:51 AM): YEA they will

Golapagos (2:58:56 AM): so i’ll be sleepin in my OWN bed

Golapagos (2:58:57 AM): instead of yours

iVeRs17872 (2:59:02 AM): ewww

iVeRs17872 (2:59:05 AM): im sleepin in ur beeed

Golapagos (2:59:09 AM): and I’ll stop getting that god damn jew mail

iVeRs17872 (2:59:17 AM): yea/

iVeRs17872 (2:59:22 AM): I got this hot sister mail all the time

Golapagos (2:59:26 AM): good one


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