last night was like no other. not your average college story, but still awesome. so me and matt are in mcdonalds and after the meal we both have to head to the bathroom. so he gets to the bathroom first and its one of those one-stallers so i gotta wait outside. so the womens is right across the hall, so i gotta check it. i slowly push the door to see if its unlocked…it is. so i give it the old “full push” and what do i find? you know its a drunk male bum taking a shit in the womens bathroom. what does he say when i walk in on him shitting in the womens bano? “dont do it!” – those were the english words- the words that i heard sounded more like “shhugar waterrererrr doo itt” or something really drunk like that. anywho, it was awesome i hope everyone in this world walks in on a bum taking a shit in a public females bathroom..



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