I3ond008 (2:08:53 AM): actually this girl i know from here went there to visit some of her friends and ended up hanging out with michelle

I3ond008 (2:09:10 AM): over spring break right

I3ond008 (2:10:27 AM): so they get pretty drunk and i get this message on my phone with these girls screaming and i can make out only some of it but i hear my friend say “im hanging out with ur friend michelle from highschool and she told me a funny story of when u guys were in cancun and u got in trouble for public exposure for peeing on the streets”

lil dosman (2:10:44 AM): nice

I3ond008 (2:10:51 AM): hears the punchline

I3ond008 (2:10:55 AM): ive never been to mexico

I3ond008 (2:11:56 AM): so i dont know how often u see michelle, but the next time u do just let her know i think shes a crazy bitch



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