well today i might say that i had my best college experience thus far. sadly, it was with five 14 year old kids. i hear this group of boys outside my window; they were riding around on theyre bikes screaming in there akward in between voices. if anyone has seen our dorm, its surrounded by somewhat of a moat, about 10-15 ft deep. so of course i had to take advantage of these 14 year olds and this 12 foot drop. i told one of the kids i would pay him 20 bucks if he jumped off the ledge on his bike. so this fourteen year old, pressured by an elder asshole (yours truly), made the jump. amazing to say the least. of course his front wheel went straight into the ground, throwing him over the handle bars and his head STRAIGHT into the ground. while his friends were yelling “call an ambulance,” me and mike were laughing our asses off. the kid was fine, just with a huge welt on his head and dirt all over his body. once he got up and felt his head, he asked “what am i gonna tell my mom?” (in classic 14 year old fashion). so that was that. after i told the fat one of the group that i would give him 3 oreos if he pissed on his friends bike. he obliged. so did one of the others. pissed all over the bike. a great day to say the least.



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