well i’ve been smited once again, this time by the almighty hand of american airlines…not only was i not initially given a seat on the oversold flight, but my bag didnt come to boston with all my clothes, playstation, and honestly above all else, my fucking blanket. i mean, a blanket is a pretty important necessity when its 30 degrees outside. our room is in the corner of the building, so my bed is directly against an exterior wall that tends to get quite cold.

to the crazed fan who stole my bag, you’ve won this battle…there is more than likely some hair on those clothes which can be used to make a personal clone, but so help me god i will get my blanket back.

now, if you’ll excuse me i must put on a sweater and cuddle up with the ninja turtle futon-sheet, which is really more of a tablecloth than a bedsheet, with the hopes that my shit will turn up tomorrow

-fuck you


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