lets be honest with ourselves- if we walk into a bathroom, see the three urinals- two of normal height and one for children/handicapped, we will undoubtedly go for the taller one. have you ever asked yourself why? i believe it is because we will, for some reason, feel insuffucient or “less masculine.” but let us think about this- this “kiddie” urinal actually has many benefits. firstly, there is no need to even touch the penial shaft due to the angle of urine stream to urinal. even more of a reason to use the little guy is sheer physics. due to the angle of the urination stream, being less than 90 degrees, one does not have to worry about the dreaded splash back. so now i feel the only thing to do is to make all urinals kiddie urinals and if im elected president, that will be the first thing i do. and this i promise you, good people of america.

-president jones


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