hi my name is leon (“hi leon”)…ummm i had been using for about three years. it had gotten tot the point where it was interfering with my life. Luckily, about 4 weeks ago i found a program that works, and ive been clean for 27 days. its called “Dr. Jones’ Three Steps to Success: stopping the Tetris Addiction for Good.” It truly works and i will briefly explain the three step process. For the first week, you must simply try to cut down the amount of time playing, not by a lot, but by some. the second week is where the interesting part comes in. every other day you receive intermittent doses of Snood as a way of weaning you off Tetris. By the third week Snood should have completely taken the place of Tetris. Although Snood is very addictive as well, it doesnt have half the adverse affects that Tetris does. The following step is optional, only if u want to eliminate the snood playing as well. you repeat the first steps that u did with the Tetris but now you will be weaning yourself onto masturbation, a very happy medium. good luck to all and thank you Dr. Jones!



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