well as you may have already assumed, dominique did not run it was all a big trick…we did see andy make a pass, although we couldn’t tell if he was naked or wearing a bear suit…and don’t worry he said that if he finds any pictures of himself he’ll be sure to pass them along..

the run itself was quite the event..the crowd was huge and the runner were wasted, as expected…it was great to see naked people just stop running on the track, traverse the quad and dive head first through the snow…brrr…the only downer was the occasional black dude that would slow it down and chat with the crowd as if to say “lemme just slow my pace down here so you all can get a nice shot of my enormous tyrannasaurus wang”

edit: added a lil pic of the scene, just so you can get an idea of the amount of crowd support these naked nilly’s get

there’s actually steel barriers, like at a concert or something, keeping a nice little track for the runners, and behind that is the crowd…you can’t really see the nekkids in this pic but observe the way the crowd lines up along the whole track…also note the amount of fuckin snow on the ground.

look at me!



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