d0mmm (1:36:45 AM): i wish i could send you this conversation i just had

d0mmm (1:36:48 AM): with this guy

d0mmm (1:36:57 AM): i havent talked to in a while

d0mmm (1:37:09 AM): where the fuck you been man

d0mmm (1:37:16 AM): “just got back from basic training camp”

d0mmm (1:37:22 AM): jesus how was it

d0mmm (1:37:25 AM): “i hated it”

d0mmm (1:37:31 AM): so wtf are you a marine now?

d0mmm (1:37:39 AM): “im infantry”

d0mmm (1:37:46 AM): holy shit in the reserves?

d0mmm (1:37:50 AM): “nope active army”

d0mmm (1:38:05 AM): dont guys in the infantry just get wiped out instantly by artillery fire

d0mmm (1:38:27 AM): “yea infantry is annihilated pretty fast hopefully ill survive when they send me to korea”

d0mmm (1:38:37 AM): why the fuck did you sign up for infantry?!

d0mmm (1:38:51 AM): “well i was stoned at the time and had just finised a game of counterstrike”

d0mmm (1:38:57 AM): “so i said, infantry it is.”

d0mmm (1:39:14 AM): “i should have gone to college instead like all normal teenagers.”



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