yeah so a dear friend of mine, a frequent of the site, and frankyly part of the family, asked me to write him a story. He needed this story for class, so i knew i had to put my heart into it.

this just flowed from my fingers:

LonnieJonesBro (10:40:20 PM): once upon there was a little goat named little johnny greenfoot everywhere he went he always loved to sing songs. now little johnny g was not like the other goats; no he wasnt at all. You see my friends, Little johnny was not a goat at all; he was dwarfed moose. Now know one knew that he was a moose midget except one mean little ass of a goat. he was the meanest goat in all the pasture. His name: Twizzler McGoatmuchies. one day while parusing the grasslands Twiz came up to jonny and told him that he knew Johnny’s horrible secret. Johnny didnt know what to do. he knew that if anyone found out that he would exiled from the herd.

LonnieJonesBro (10:40:23 PM): Twizzle said that if johnny didnt give him half of his weekly milking, that he would tell everyone about Jonnys little difference. Well jonny didnt know what to do. Finally the idea Dawned on him: murder twizzle in a brutal accident and make it seem like an accident. Before he could attempt this, he was slaughtered by hunters.

-broa…oh shit we have hot pockets!


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