a new addition has been made to the english language, derived somewhat from spanish. In spanish, a lot of stores that sell things just add an -eria to whatever their selling. I.E. taco place- taqueria; bakery- bakeria (or something in that sense). Ive come to realize that adding the suffix -eria to almost anything is not only useful, but its fun. Heres a couple of examples of how it can be used.

example 1:

“Hey there ol’ sport, where you heading?”

-“oh i was just heading to the pooperia.” (how much better than saying just bathroom?)

example 2:

“Hey there good fellow, you dont look so good. where u going?”

-“i dont feel good, im going to the pukeria.” (here, you save time and energy, not to mention you get to say pukaria)

example 3:

“excuse me, mr van dam, do u know where i could go for something unexplainably pleasurable?”

-“i sure do mr. jones, three blocks on the left, right past the quadrangle, is the analbeaderia.” (awesomeness- self explanative)

so there you have it, the newest most amazing thing in the world.



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