so most people know we’re starting a band with this kid matt from dreamstreet and that we were already on these psycho fans websites. here is an email that matt got from the head of one of the fan sites:

“i’ll take the not repsonding to my other email as a no…Ok whatever hows The Juice? Who came up with that name? It’s cool. Did you know you guys already have a street team and you’ve only been a band for…what, two weeks? I find that amusing. The girls don’t even know what kind of music you play or the songs or anything, but already they’re your biggest fans. I’m in a band too. We’re called Sanity. I sing and write most of the songs and my friends play the music and sing back up. Alright then, yo tengo salir. Adios.”

and by the way, a street team, i found out is a group of people that just promote the band and make fliers and shit. hahah- is this not too good, considering we have only practiced maybe once?

-famous coach and broachers


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