so, yeah. im gonna say today was up there for one of the worst in a long while. ahhhh where to begin. so i already knew that i had to study a crazy amount for my chem test tmw- what i didnt know was that i also have a spanish test tmw that includes handing in a months worth of work from the workbook. frown. after that, i start studying chem and realize i know next to nothing. sucks. i also remembered 30 minutes before my chem lab that i HADNT DONE IT. so after barely finishing that it time, i get to the lab on time but only to realize i had left the lab report i had just done, in my dorm. so i had to, of course, run to the opposite side of campus( up hill) to go get it. OK. so it was 830 and i figured god had fucked with me enough. haha- of course he wasnt finished. so i head to the food place to get a nice little sub. most know that i am a former sandwich artist, so i know the quality of a sandwich when its made. So of course there out of the meat that i want, but thats no problem- as soon as she made it and did the folding i knew there was gonna be trouble. My walk back to my dorm i was just wondering how bad this sub would be. On opening the sandwich wrapper , ill be honest, i didnt think it could have been THIS bad. I swear to god that i just unwrapped the sandwich and it looked like this, with no manipulation. the nights not over but hopefully my AWESOME luck is.

-a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day-having broach


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