almost forgot to put up some pixs and describe the gamenight…let me start off by saying that leo suarez’s uncle carlos is one of the best guys ever…hes incredible and i only wish that i had a picture of him wearing the canes bird foam head, because its unbelievable…there are, however, some pretty cool pictures, and messing around with sebastian was pretty cool…although sean did have a td in our corner, there was not time for a photo opp., due to the fact that i was busy going apeshit.

ok so, first we wandered around looking for tickets/booze/talking shit with stupid ass bc eagle fans…so after we get tickets at about $22 each, we end up in some ncaa play like the players kinda shit and decide to kick some field goals…leo kicked one and no one was quite sure as to the wearabouts. then fat intentionally kicked one out of the mini-arena and into the car of a tailgater somewheres…

so we wind up chilling with these tailgaters that are crazy nice and generous, after having to hear a lot of dumbass shit from bc fans…anyway…we notice about 5 guys wearing birdsuits that are simply amazing…they leave and eventually its just one guy…one guy trying to run game…trying to mack it in his bird suit. we made our way into the stadium.

i’m sorry but its 530 and i gotta sleep…i’ll describe the rest of the game tomorrow



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