so a couple nights ago, pat came in town from boston to party with us, jumbo style…we got pretty shitty and spent a great deal of time fucking with our thrid roommate’s friends on his computer…needless to say we were extremely embarrassed in the morning when he mentioned that we should stay off his computer and that he had to go home to a crying girlfriend

on a lighter note, it was still kinda funny

please take a moment to enjoy the following im:

PDiDdY54: oh, did ur roommate say anything to u guys?

LonnieJonesBro: ha

LonnieJonesBro: yea

LonnieJonesBro: he was pissed

LonnieJonesBro: what did u say to his girlfriend

PDiDdY54: haha

PDiDdY54: i dont even remember

PDiDdY54: i think we broke up

-coach and broach


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